Fly Free Artistry wants to paint a canvas that unfolds a beautiful story of life.  Admiring the journey of how the magic takes shape and the heart guides to the destination while chronicling life.  

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A Walk On peppermint lane

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A world where the spirit of Santa Claus pervades every corner
The Chronicles of Santa is an enchanting platform that opens the door to a world of magic and wonder, where the spirit of giving and the joy of the holiday season come alive. It is a place where individuals of all ages can immerse themselves in the captivating essence of Santa Claus, where hearts are filled with warmth and laughter, and where cherished memories are forged.

On Peppermint Lane, there's a store so sweet, where dreams come alive with every treat.
A stroll down Peppermint Lane to take in the sights. A stroll down Peppermint Lane to view the beautiful lights.
Dressed to impress to see the magic that awaits. Where dreams come alive and you see the wonder in a childs eyes.
All it takes is for you to believe. A visit to Peppermint Lane is all that you need.