Fly Free Artistry is dedicated to personalizing the experience from start to finish.  It is a discovery to find what your needs are and finding the right fit to your dreams.  Within the strokes and hues, life's enigmatic dance unfolds, captivating our souls

At Fly Free Artistry, we believe that every child is a masterpiece waiting to be captured on canvas. Fly Free Artistry is dedicated to creating stunning, heirloom-quality portraits that beautifully showcase your child's unique personality and essence.

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Discover the Beauty of your Child's Personality Through Fly Free Artistry's Stunning Portraits.

Painting with Love: Fly Free Artistry Preserves Your Child's Precious Moments with Exquisite, Heirloom-Quality Portraits.

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aubrey cozzens

We had a professional talented photographer!

My daughter is normally very uncomfortable taking pictures or being the center of attention. But Kristen is so friendly and fun that her Senior photo shoot was a breeze! I know my daughter will look back on these pictures for the rest of her life so it really mattered that we had a professional talented photographer. Thank you Kristen for making this such a wonderful experience!💗

Liesl Sanchez-Parodi

Kristen is Amazing!
Every session is top notch!

Kristen is amazing! Every session we have had with her has been top notch.  She has an amazing eye for catching those special candid moments as well as posed shots.  We have done family photos, headshots, and we even participated in a model call for her. Every time we have come away with some incredibly beautiful works of art.  I highly recommend her! 

Christen Neikirk

Kristen ability to capture a mood and invoke emotion is evident in her work.  

We recently had the pleasure of working with Fly Free for some family photos and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it!  She took the time to pick out an amazing wardrobe to help capture the style of photos I was looking for and she made the whole experience fun for our children as well.  One of the first things that drew me to her photography, is her ability to capture a mood and invoke emotion on her photography.  100% what I was looking for!

Elise Parks

Kristen was incredibly patient, builds rapport, and lets them be little.

Family photos are always an adventure with our crew.  Our kiddos are are always on the move, have lots of energy, and are very vocal.  Kristen was incredibly patient, built a great rapport with all of them, and let them do their thing.  We love the photos from our holiday session and how "real" they are.  Kristen Captured us.  

Stacey Bradley

I had the most amazing experience with Kristen! 

I was nervous about family photos, my toddler is not easy for many reasons other than the obvious toddler-ism that runs deep.  Kristen showed up prepared to tackle this toddler of mine with all sorts of tricks and energy.  It turned out all 4 of our kids hanged up on us and I left the photo shoot feeling defeated thinking there was no way she got a good shot, but when she sent the proofs over I cried.  I couldn't believe what she had captured.  She is a true talent, and just a beautiful human

We understand that organizing a portrait session can feel daunting and stressful.  Fly Free Artistry takes care of every aspect of the experience for you.  Are you ready to shine? Get gorgeous art starring YOU in just 3 steps.  Let's capture the chronicles of your life.  The moment where magic makes memories.  

Process and how I work with you

The strategy and planning plays a significant role in the process.  We will work together on style, hair and makeup, and fully give a visual conception of your upcoming session date.  

Strategy and Planning


The celebration will bring forth beautiful heirloom art.  We will work together to achieve the canvas of your dreams.  

You Celebrate with your Dream Photos


The discovery call allows us to fully build your concept and customize your needs.  Working closely with you to plan and design every detail of your portrait experience.  

It all starts with a Discovery and Concept Call



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